About Us


Donna entered the beauty industry with a love of working with people and wanting to help them feel great about themselves. She opened Oasis Salon in November of 2008 creating a place for clients to relax while refreshing their image.

As a business professional with an active family life, she understands the need for evening and weekend appointments.  With hands on experience in Canada and Wisconsin, Donna believes that keeping up with continuing education is essential to staying current with the latest trends in the beauty industry.


A true gentleman and scholar, John gave up his numerous literary and medical degrees from the finest universities across the globe to pursue his true passion, cutting hair. So when he's not busy solving mystifying and inexplicable crimes or searching for cures to the most elusive diseases that plague humanity, you can find him at Oasis Salon. Your hair will be meticulously crafted with precision, the way only a man with 138 years experience knows how. Call, text or stop in for an appointment with John, 262-492-2770.

Oasis Salon Owner & Lead Stylist -Donna McLafferty
Oasis Salon Stylist - John